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Why does the excavator hammer oil turn black?

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The reason:
1. The reason why the breaker hydraulic oil turns black is not only caused by dust, but also caused by wrong filling of butter.

2. When the distance between the bushing and the steel brazing exceeds 8 mm, the bushing should be replaced. After replacing the two lower bushings, replace one upper bushing.

3.When replacing the oil pipe, steel pipe, and oil return filter, it is necessary to clean the dust or debris at the interface before replacing it.
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When adding butter, the hammer needs to be lifted and the steel is pressed into the piston.


1. Use the buttery posture correctly.

2. Install a return oil filter unit.

3. Install a water spray device to reduce external dust.

4. The upper and lower bushings are worn too much and the bushing is replaced at the appropriate time.
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5. The intake check valve is broken or blocked, and the check valve is checked regularly.

6. Replace the dust seal in time.

7. Use the breaker correctly (do not always hit).

8. Note that the steel size matches the bushing.

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