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Excavator Jackhammer’s Efficiency is Declining, Do You Know Why?

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When the excavator jackhammer is used for a long time, various problems will inevitably occur. If you encounter problems, please ask professional personnel for maintenance, otherwise it will cause more problems.excavator jackhammer

After about three years of use, the hammer will have a lower work efficiency, which is due to the operator's wrong operation, causes the guide sleeve to wear excessively and lose the guiding effect. The drill rod and the piston are inclined. When the piston hits the drill rod, it is no longer a vertical force, and the piston is biased to one side of the cylinder, the piston and the cylinder. Wear occurs, the gap is increased, the hydraulic oil leakage is increased, and the pressure is lowered, resulting in a decrease in the impact energy of the breaker, so the work efficiency is lowered.

excavator jackhammer
Simply replacing a new piston at this point does not solve all the problems, because the gap between the cylinder and the new piston has exceeded the design clearance, which will not only accelerate the cylinder wear.

excavator jackhammer

If you want to avoid this, the most important thing is to use the excavator jackhammer correctly according to the operating manual.
excavator jackhammer

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