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Analysis of 7 fault cases of excavator jackhammer (1)


Analysis of 7 fault cases of excavator jackhammer (1)

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1. The chisel of excavator jackhammer breaks quickly.

excavator jackhammer

The F of the drill rod is subjected to an external force, which generates a large moment at point A, generates some cracks at point B, and expands under the action of stress, gradually causing the drill rod to completely break.
Conclusion: The hammer is used to shake the stone, causing the drill rod to break.

excavator hydraulic jackhammer

2, The drill rod and bushing are abnormally worn

When the excavator jackhammer is working, the friction between the drill rod and the bushing generates a lot of heat. Heat can cause premature wear and damage to the drill rod and bushing. Therefore, you should add butter for 2 hours of continuous work.
Conclusion: Lack of or no grease causes severe burns on the contact surface.

excavator rock jackhammer

3, The drill rod stop pin breaks quickly

According to the fracture analysis, the upper portion of the drill rod in contact with the stopper pin is abnormally worn, while the lower portion is hardly worn. The reason is that in the crushing work, the hitting object does not stop working in time after the fragmentation, and the drill rod is repeatedly struck on the drill rod stopper pin.
Conclusion: There are more violations caused by irregular air play.
excavator jackhammer

4, The excavator jackhammer stops hitting
After observing the residual hydraulic oil inside the breaker, it was found that the hydraulic oil was poor. Checking the hydraulic fluid flowing out of the excavator line has the same problem. In addition, it was found that the filter element of the breaker line was rarely replaced, and the excavator did not periodically change the hydraulic oil according to the specified requirements, which caused the hydraulic oil to deteriorate directly and adversely affect the reversing valve of the breaker.
Conclusion: Reversing valve valve.

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