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Excavator rock breaker will extend 3 years life with proper use


Excavator rock breaker will extend 3 years life with proper use

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Many people think that using excavator rock breaker will reduce the life and performance of excavators.

Is that true?
excavator rock breaker

SPARKLE BREAKER responsibly tells you that as long as the maintenance work is done well,  the excavator hammer will not reduce the performance of excavators! http://junhenghammers.com/product/excavator-rock-breaker

Cautions for using excavator rock breaker:

1、Check the tightness of the excavator hydraulic breaker side bolts.
Because the excavator rock hammer will produce a lot of vibration during work, the bolt and nut are easy to loosen, and if it is not tightened in time, it will cause damage to the excavator rock breaker.
excavator hydraulic breaker hammer

2、Each time the excavator breaker is operated for 2-3 hours, it should be replenished with butter once.
When the grease is added, it must be carried out under the condition that the chisel is compacted. If not, the butter will be damaged too much. Into the cylinder caused a strain.

3、Before the excavator rock breaker works, the nitrogen chamber pressure of the excavator rock breaker should also be checked.
Whether the pressure is too low or too high, the excavator rock breaker will not work well.
sb43 hydraulic breaker hammer

Storage method of excavator breaker hammer:

If the rock breaker hammer needs to be stored in a short period of time, it should be placed in a ventilated, non-humid indoor environment. If it is stored outdoors, it should be packaged in plastic or rust-proof in advance.

When the excavator hydraulic breaker needs to be stored for a long time, it should remove the chisel, release nitrogen, push the piston to the inmost end of the cylinder block, and do a good job of anti-rust and moisture proof treatment indoors. Butter can be applied on the surface. If the excavator rock breaker is not removed for a long time, the sealing parts of the excavator rock breaker will cause oil leakage due to extrusion deformation.

Be careful:

The hydraulic rock breaker must replace the hydraulic oil once in about 1000 hours. At the same time, all the hydraulic oil filters need to be replaced. The sealing parts of the excavator rock breaker should also be replaced.

If it is not replaced and used in time beyond the maintenance time, deteriorated hydraulic oil will cause wear and tear of hydraulic system components, internal leakage, and eventually lead to excavator powerlessness, slow speed, and even damage of hydraulic components and other failures.


Excavators and excavator rock breaker need to be carefully and carefully prepared for each maintenance work. Only by putting all the details in place can the excavator be in a healthy state.

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