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Hydraulic hammer for mini excavator will double efficiency with proper use


Hydraulic hammer for mini excavator will double efficiency with proper use

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The working environment of the hydraulic breaker is bad, and the correct method of using the breaker can not only improve the working efficiency, but also greatly prolong the service life and reduce the frequency of failure.
hydraulic hammer for mini excavator

1. Gradually move forward and break down Gradually move the impact point from the edge to the inside. Do not try to break the larger block at a time. If it cannot be broken within 30 seconds, it should be broken in several times. When crushing a particularly hard object, start at the edge and do not strike for more than one minute at the same point to prevent the drill rod from burning or the hydraulic oil from overheating.


2. The impact angle is less than 90 degrees When crushing, the crusher should have an internal angle of less than 90 degrees to the crushed material. When vibrating, the excavator should continuously adjust the inner angle to break. There is some deviation between the direction in which the tooth enters the broken object and the direction of the hammer itself. Always pay attention to adjusting the arm of the bucket to keep the direction of the two in the same direction.
 hydraulic hammer for mini excavator
3. Choose the appropriate strike point Before hitting, first hit a point, the depth is 60 to 70cm, then lift the hammer body, and shift to the original impact point 30~40cm distance to hit the broken again, which will have better effect.
4. Install water stop check valve before launching If underwater work is required, a water stop check valve must be installed on the top of the vibrating box.
hydraulic hammer for mini excavator

5. To prevent blank fire When the broken object has been broken, immediately release the breaker operating pedal to stop the hammer. Otherwise (between the drill rod is not fixed) between the piston and the drill rod, between the drill rod and the drill rod pin, the impact between the drill rod pin and the front sheath, so that the drill rod, the drill rod pin, the front sheath Damaged.


The hydraulic hammer for mini excavator is a key component of the crushing equipment and is also a wearable part. In addition to the operational skills, it is also necessary to pay attention to daily maintenance. Since the working conditions of the Hydraulic hammer for mini excavator are very bad, proper maintenance can reduce the failure of the machine and prolong the service life of the machine, so that the work efficiency can be greatly improved and the use cost can be reduced.

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