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mini excavator breaker hasn't failed for 3 years in such use


mini excavator breaker hasn’t failed for 3 years in such use

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In use, the mini excavator breaker is often damaged and the maintenance takes a long time. These problems are also very distressing for everyone. In fact, one stroke can solve the problem, that is, do the following!

First point: check

The inspection work on the breaker is the most basic. Many breakers fail because they do not pay enough attention when there is a slight abnormality. For example, if the tubing of the mini excavator hydraulic breaker has been loose, and if some pipelines have started to leak oil, these details must be checked to prevent the tubing from falling off due to high-frequency vibration of the crushing operation.
mini excavator breaker

Second point: prevent air strikes

Many people think that the mini excavator breaker is not serious, it is very wrong. The drill rod does not always remain perpendicular to the broken object, does not hold the object tightly, does not stop the operation immediately after the crushing, and occurs when the air is hit a few times. This erroneous operation can cause the main body bolt to loosen, the precursor to be damaged, or even damage the machine!

The third point: the drill rod shaking

No one can do the crushing operation without shaking a bit of the drill rod, but this behavior must be minimized! Otherwise the damage of the bolts and the drill rods is accumulated over time! In addition, the hail hammer falling too fast, hitting the broken things and other habits must also be corrected in time!
mini excavator rock breaker

Fourth point: continuous operation

Sometimes when the project time is particularly urgent, the driver will continue to work continuously. At this time, it is necessary to pay special attention. When working continuously on a hard object, the continuous breaking time in the same position should not exceed one minute, mainly for the purpose. Prevent high oil temperatures and drill rod damage.

The fifth point, the hammer pushes the weight

It is very dangerous to use the guard of the breaker to push the heavy object. This behavior is very dangerous. On the one hand, the mini excavator breaker hammer itself is damaged. On the other hand, if the broken model is small, one accident will cause the machine to break the arm. Dangerous accidents such as rollovers.


The same brand of mini excavator breaker, if properly maintained and used, the probability of failure is much lower than the wrong use, correct use and maintenance, not only reduce a lot of trouble, but also save money!
hydraulic breaker for mini excavator

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