16 Years Hydraulic Breaker Hammer Manufacturer

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16 Years Hydraulic Breaker Hammer Professional Manufacturing Factory

Why choose us

SPARKLE  is one of China’s leading hydraulic hammer or rock breaker manufacturer with

100 workers, 2 factories, 6000㎡ workshop, 16 years experience, ISO,CE & IAF certificated, that makes our dealers throughout Europe, USA, Australia, etc.

The quality,stability and durability of our products has completely reached the level of Korean products but at competitive price.

We can also provide OEM service for our customers and Research &Development for customized requirement for our hammers.

Sparkle range has been strategically placed to offer competitive products that are good quality and cost-effective for the middle segment market.

All Sparkle breakers come fully CE compliant and are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001standards. Quality control processes from the factory right up to the point of installation ensure that each and every Sparkle breaker will have you making an impact in no time.


No.2 Guangzhou Road,Development Zone, Yantai,Shandong Province,China

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Yantai Junheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of first mover and business mogul for hydraulic breaker hammer, hydraulic post driver, hydraulic grab manufacturing with variation competitive advantage since 2002, especially in research and development.
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